Monday, March 07, 2005

Kidnapping Russell Crowe?

This was in the news today:

Al-Qaeda plot to kidnap actor

In one of the more bizarre terror plots hatched by al-Qaeda, Australian actor Russell Crowe was the target of a kidnapping scheme as part of a "cultural destabilisation plan".
Crowe has revealed he was approached by the FBI in the months leading up to his Academy Award win for Gladiator in 2001 and warned, vaguely, of the threat: "That was the first [time] I'd ever heard the phrase al-Qaeda. It was about - and here's another little touch of irony - taking iconographic Americans out of the picture as a sort of cultural destabilisation plan."

These are the “dangerous terrorists” that we are supposed to live in fear of? People who want to kidnap Russell Crowe? Please do us all a favor and kidnap Paris Hilton or Joan Rivers. I mean really, they probably annoy Osama too.

I am not in anyway making fun of terrorism, but kidnapping Gladiator is not exactly going to Destablise the American culture by any means. All it is going to do is give Russell more publicity and isn’t that what every actor wants?
OMG, I just thought of something, maybe Al-Qaeda were the ones who broke into Paris’s mobile phone! Yes I am definitely onto something here. They published all of her friend’s numbers on the internet and they probably also stole and published her sex tape too. Because really it is just Paris’s world and we are living in it.

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