Sunday, July 30, 2006

Aussie husband hunt

Ok so I was reading this Aussie Magazine and there is an article in it saying that this Canadian girl went to Australia, met an Aussie guy and married him.
Now her Canadian sister went to visit her and her husband, hooked up with one of his mates and is now probably going to marry the other aussie guy.

WTF?? I have been to AUS 3 times and I am still single. Do I need to be Canadian? The next time I come home (and by "home" I mean Australia, because I, like Peter Allen, still call Australia home) anyway the next time I am home and am going to act like I am Canadian to see what happens. I am going to end every sentence with Eh?, say abooooout instead of about, and tell everyone I went to university with Celine Dion. Eh?

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Meghan said...

try the interweb... that's where i met my aussie fiance ;) check out our blog for the whole story.