Sunday, July 30, 2006

six weeks, six states, six dates

I figure that the next way I am going to try to get to Oz is on an "entertainment visa" bc you can get a visa if you are a celebrity or performer. So I decided that I need to get myself on and aussie reality show, but then came up with a better idea and am going to create one myself. Here is my idea below, if anyone knows a Murdoch please pass onto them....

"Six weeks, Six dates, Six states"

For this show, I go to all six states in Oz and go on six dates with six
different guys in each state.

And the end of the dates if I like them I say something like:
"I would like you to continue on this journey with me " (ala Outback Jack) and then if I keep them we drive off in a ute with a bluey in the back.

And for the ones I don't like I say " You bloody shonk, I would rather
blow a didgerdoo that you" and then I throw a boomerang at their head.

1 comment:

kate said...

can i please use that line next time I am out..... fabulous