Sunday, July 30, 2006

Things I know about Oz

So a little bit of info about me:

I am north of 29, single, usually lovely, although sometimes a little cranky when I am PMSing but usually I have some chocolate and peanut butter and then I am fine.

I am American (ugh) but my freinds call me a Yussie, combo Yank and Aussie, bc I am a bit of an expert on Aussie culture and am bilingual.
For example:

Things NOT to say in Australia--

I am rooting for that entire team!
I need a hot pink bag with glitter on it for my fanny
I don't need any sunscreen
I reckon I will have a Fosters, in honor of Crocodile Dundee
Did you have a kangaroo as a pet when you were a kid?

Things you CAN say in Australia--

I barrack for the Syndey Swans
Good on ya mate, He is a legend
It was beautiful (but only use this to describe food, as in "that Thai food was beautiful")
I reckon Neighbours is a better show the Home and Away
It's my shout, Toohey's for everyone!

Things I KNOW about Australia

I know every girl secretly wants to be Kylie, and every boy secretly wants to be Bert Newton (Hell i even want to be Bert Newton, good old moon face!)
I know everything is Great and named after exactly what it is (Great ocean road, Great sandy desert, Great dividing range)
I know the words to Waltzing Matilda and Advance Australia Fair (even the second verse) and if pushed I may be able to get a couple of lines of Up the Gazalee.
I know not to talk to a true aussie bloke when the footy, rugby, or cricket is on

I know for some reason it is important to beat the British at any of those sports and if you win the ashes back that is a big deal (and only recently someone explained that the "ashes" were not human remains, for the life of me I couldn't figure out why they were playing for some dead cricket players ashes)

AND finally I know there is not greater place then Oz, and I would love to live there one day.


Utegirl said...

"I know every girl secretly wants to be Kylie.."

Erm.... not THIS little black Ute!
I'd rather be a Megan Gale, or a Elle..


Gypsy said...

love the blog! I am from Adelaide, but i now live in NY, USA. oh and its 'Up there Cazaly', not 'up the gazalee'! lol! also, youre dead wrong about Kylie.. why would we want to a singing budgie..? anyway, love the blog, will definately be visiting again!

Jenny said...

You forgot the Great Australian Bight!

PS I don't want to be Kylie either :) And let's hope that NOONE wants to be Bert!

B. said...

It's actually every gay man that wants to be Kylie. I haven't known one that doesn't.

Great site. You're awesome.

b. said...

That was strangely lacking in any emphatic puncuation and so may have come across as facetious.

I meant:

Great site! You're awesome!! :-)