Sunday, July 30, 2006


The Veronica's played a gig in my cafeteria at lunch. I was a little embarrassed for them bc it is kind of cheesy to play in an office cafeteria, but they were good and actually drew a crowd.

So this American woman (I will call her Jen) introduced them to the "crowd" and they came out and said "Thanks for having us, we are going to play some songs for you," etc. And at the same exact time my freinds that I was sitting with said "Will you please translate??" I almost started choking on my food bc I was laughing, I was like are you kidding? And they both said "No, we didn't understand a word they said." But to be fair, the microphones were not that good so it was a little mumbled.

I was thinking, I have to get a pic, I know exactly what to do!
I went up to Jen and said "Listen, I need a big favor, my freinds in Australian LOVE the Veronica's (I was laying it on a little thick) and they begged me to get a photo bc they are such huge fans, so do you think I can get one when they are done?" Jen said "Well they have to leave right away bc they are going to a photo shoot but I will try."

So they finish and I have to say that there was a long line of people waiting to meet them and get them to sign posters, but Jen hooked me up and went right up to them before they got to anyone and pointed to me and said "You have to take a pic with this girl first, she has australian freinds who love you and she wants to send them a pic."
Well one of them, I don't know which one, was so excited by this. She was like "Oh my god, you have an australian freind who likes our music?" I wanted to say "um, I have more then one Aussie freind, I have practically all of Adelaide and NSW" But I just said "Yes they were raving about you guys and were so excited that I would get to meet you."
So she said "Oh thanks so much, let's get a pic for them then" and Jen was about to take the pic and I was thinking, Damn, I am only going to have a photo with one of them, but I guess it really doesn't matter bc they are identical anyway, but then Veronica #1, grabs Veronica #2 and says "Get over here, we need to take a pic with this girl for her Aussie freinds!" and Veronica #2 says "That is so cool that you even know who we are!"

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