Sunday, July 02, 2006

Why are you still single?

To all of the single girls who are sick of getting this question, "Do you have a boyfriend?" especially from family members, here are some answers you can respond with:

Do you have a boyfriend?--

No, I do have many lovers though
Yes, his name is Rabbit and he needs batteries
No, but I still bet I have more sex then you and your husband
No. How is your sex life?
Yes but he is famous so I can't talk about it
Yes, but he is only 16 so we are waiting until he is of legal age to announce it
No, after the herpes incident, I have to be careful
Not really, it is just easier to sleep with my brother


KC said...

OMG.. Can I please join in on this one... It si like you are not a complete person unless you have a boyfriend... I think it quite tragic that some ppl would prefer you to have a b/f that treats you like dirt, rather than being on your own... that is my rant for the day :)
PS. In Sydney they are gay or married anyway.. best to head to Adelaide for a husband Dan...

Lee Hopkins said...

Well, I live in Adelaide and I'm a husband... does that count? :-)