Tuesday, August 01, 2006

# 246 on the list of reasons why I love Australia

This was in the paper today:
"Howard calls for more Aussie babies"
Now Prime Minister John Howard wants Australians to go forth and multiply.
"We need more Australian children," Mr Howard said in a speech at All Saints
Anglican School on the Gold Coast. Australia has been one of the few developed countries in the world to actually record an increase in the fertility rate.
But Mr. Howard urged Australians to keep producing children in a society
where the population is ageing."

This is sensational. Your Prime Minister is telling you to go have sex and make new Aussie babies. Ok, if it has to be done, it has to be done, sign me up!! I can't wait to have a little Shane or Kylie.....

1 comment:

Utegirl said...

Did you know he's even PAYING us to have more babies?!
We get $3,000 buckaroo's when we pop one out!
Incentive enuf eh?!

Dunno where their(Aussie Pollies) priorities are but, I mean, c'mon...we have a shortage of hospitals and doctors,unyet they want us to produce more ppl? WTF?!?!