Tuesday, August 29, 2006

# 279 on the list of reasons why I love Australia

Tom Cruise was spanked last week in Australia. He was named winner of the "Celebrity Ernie Award" for a sexist comment that he supposedly made. It was called the "worst derogatory public statement".The comment­ allegedly made when Katie Holmes was pregnant was "I've got Katie tucked away so no one will get to us until my child is born." Of course Tom's people said: "The comments that they have attributed to him are completely fabricated, anyone who knows him knows that he is a complete gentleman and would never ever say such a thing. ... He has the utmost respect for women."

Yeah, ok. Until he unchains them from the wall in the basement.


Jodi said...

I think someone needs to "tuck away" little Tommy...FREAK!!

Love your site... I went to Australia for two weeks this past February and had an amazing time!

Erica said...

I can be hired to squirrel Tom away to some little hidey-hole in the Arctic where he can be re-wired and relieved of his Scientology beliefs...just a thought...

R*Y A N said...

hey yaussie, you're just the kinda grrl we need here downunder. get ur ar$e here quick smart!

ryan xx

Aesthetic said...

What the lad above said.

Belongum said...

Hey... don't I know you A...? lol

Ya... mateeeee - come on down (in my best 'The PRice Is Right' Voice!) - under!

Oz needs some fresh blood - and whilst Jo Ho is in bed with Georgy Boy... you might well have ALL the entertainment factor you need!

By the way... your Naughty Nads post below - don't confuse those Nads with the sort that hurt a lot when you get KICKED in them... it makes a blokes eyes water like buggery! They tend to fall to their knees a lot too... Oooowwwww!!!

Welcome to eOz Ya!

And if you buy me a Tooheys on MY side of Oz mate, I'll have you thrown out of the pub... how rude! ;-)

You can tell which state a fella comes from (generally) by the brand of beer he/shee drinks! Tooheys is in NSW! Not like the Emu Bitter that flows through WA pubs taps (most times).