Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Naughty Nads?

Ok for those who don't know, Nad's is some kind of hair removing gel that this woman invented for her hairy daughter in AUS. The reason I know this is bc in the US there used to be this half hour long infomercial for Nad's that basically said how this product is sweeping the nation and it doesn't hurt when you use it (um, no, anytime you rip hair out from the roots it hurts) and it is made of all natural products so it is safe.........wait for it......... to eat it. Now, it is not going to replace vegemite on toast, but in the infomercial women actually dipped their fingers into the jar and tasted the product. (I kid you not, they put the hair removal gel in their mouth, not on their upper lip but in their mouth to taste it).

The climax of the commercial was when they tested their product at......wait for it......."The International Hair Removal Contest" at Bondi beach. I am funny sometimes, but even I could not make that up.

So yesterday I see an ad for "Naughty Nads". This is some kind of kit that allows you to make the hair over you Fu Fu, special place, birth canal, or whatever you want to call it, into 4 different shapes. I am not exactly sure why you would want to have that hair in the shape of a heart or a lighting bolt, but if you are bored at home, give it a try and maybe we'll see you at "The International Hair Removal Contest of '07!" (And I would like to suggest dropping the lighting bold shape and replacing it with an arrow. Let's just be as clear as possible, there it is, get to work)

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Breeze said...

I've tasted Nads, and I can tell you it actually tastes great. My girl used to wax with it (Now she's lasered) but these days she sometimes uses it on select parts of her body for 'sexy fun' as it is so thick you cant lick it off in one swipe.
Highly recommended ;-)

Cheers & goodluck with your immigration plans!