Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Portia de Bitchy

Sorry Aussie's, but what is up with Portia? Why is she always so snotty in interviews? She is always just so icy and cold I don't get it. Plus she speaks with an American accent. This makes me c-r-a-z-y. You guys have the best accents, why would you want to sound American for God's sake? Last time I was home (by home I mean Australia, bc I, like Peter Allen, still call Australia home)she was being interviewed by my Bert and he asked her about her American accent and she said "Oh I forget how to speak with an Australian accent." What??? That is just ridiculous.


Utegirl said...

She's a stuck up cow who's forgotten her roots.
All these fucking so called "Aussies" who go off to Americaland to make it big, then "forget" how to speak PROPPA aussie..makes me spew.

You don't see Paul Hogan losing his accent, do ya? Nup...'cos he's a TRUE Aussie lad.

And look at our Rolf Harris...he's lived in Pommy land all these years, and he hasn't lost his accent.
It's a load of bullshit...

Meghan said...

it's actually not that crazy. when i lived in trinidad for a couple years i acquired such a strong accident without trying in the least. it's all i was surrounded by and my accent just transformed. when i came back my mother didn't understand some of what i was saying.