Monday, September 18, 2006

Apparently it wasn't The Greatest Love of All

Say it ain't so! Whitney Coke Head Houston and Bobby Baby Daddy Brown are getting a divorce! Look at the two of them, they were a match made in Rehab Heaven! I get it though, she was with him for so long, THEN it comes out Osama had a crush on her, THEN all of a sudden she wants a divorce. The writing is on the wall people, pretty soon Whitney Bin Landen will be mainlining....I mean headlining at the Hilton in Crackheadiztan.(actually, she will go to rehab, cry on a national TV interview about how Bobby ruined her life, release a fabulous cd & be headlining in Vegas before you know it)

1 comment:

Breeze said...

Highly Amusing. Well done.
It demonstrates nicely your grasp on Australian current affairs and attitudes too.

I think we should let you in...... You would be welcome here.

As opposed to some of the scumbags who come and live here and then proceed to tell us how much they Hate Australian values and our way of life!