Thursday, September 28, 2006

If we can't trust Bert, then I just don't know what to do!

So Forbes magazine said Tom Hanks was ranked the #1 most trustworthy celebrity in America. I want to know who you guys think the most trustworthy celebrity in AUS is? I of course am voting for "Our Bert". Just click on the comment link below this post and let me know. The only rule is that you can't vote for me! ;)-


Anonymous said...

hey danie,

So you wanna know who we can trust the most in Aus?? Yeah I guess you could say bert, Our Bert that is, not yours hehehe. Oh we're so possessive of him!


Utegirl said...

They did a poll on some current affairs show about this the other day, and I think, from memory, that "HUGE" Jackman was the top trustworthy Aussie.

I dunno 'bout that..I mean, how can you trust a guy who looks good in both lamb chop side burns AND tight pants while shaking a maracca(sp?)!