Monday, September 04, 2006

Just my luck

So I am in the post office waiting to drop off packages that I was mailing to friends in AUS. The lady behind the counter turns on the radio & "Land Down Under" is on. I thought,well that's weird bc i was filling out the customs forms for Oz. The song ends & the DJ says, "Now we have an australian trivia question for a great australian prize." Well I start ripping thru my bag to get my mobile like a crack whore looking for her pipe, bc I was like "who are we kidding, I am sooo going to know the answer" & I knew it was going to be something great like two round trip tickets to Oz & a 10 night stay or something like that!
So I am grabbing my phone as the DJ says "What is the name of the song...." And I was thinking it is either going to be Advance Australia Fair or Waltzing Matilda. "the name of the song that Australians sing when they are trying to show their patriotism" (I can't remember exactly how the question was worded but it was something like that.)
Now I had just gotten to the counter at that second & blurted out "Waltzing Matilda!!" The lady then looked at me like I was on crack & said "What?" so instead of explaining I was trying to dial frantically bc no other American would know that answer & I am already picturing myself slip slap slopping the sunscreen & drinking a VB, when the DJ says, "The 1st person to get through with the correct answer wins...........TWO see.........the Wiggles!"
I was like YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. So i stop trying to get through bc I would rather save my good Aussie karma for a better prize or Lucas Neill.

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