Sunday, September 17, 2006

L-E-T Me I-N!!!!

You guys, I took the Ridgey Didge test & got EVERY single answer right, for the love of Bert you have to let me in! (although I do admit to not knowing who Don Bradman was so I guessed but still got it right anyway!) See how you do....

1: Which of the following is NOT an Aussie value?
A: Telling jokes that involve New Zealanders and sheep.
B: Ignoring Warnie's off-field transgressions because he is the Sheik.
C: Living in England and claiming Steve Irwin was being reckless.
D: Rubbishing Australia's parliaments and politicians.

2. What is Australia's official language?
A: Yes.
B: Que?
C: I am very happy to be in Australia.
D: English

3: What does "girt" mean?
A: Sorry, could you repeat that in English?
B: Encircled.
C: Confused.
D: Destroyed, as in "Mark Latham girt my camera".

4: What is the significance of April 25, 1915?
A: Phar Lap won the Melbourne Cup.
B: The Anzacs landed at Gallipoli.
C: John Howard became Prime Minister.
D: Greg Norman choked at the Masters.

5: Who is Australia's head of state?
A: Alan Jones.
B: George Bush
C: Tony Abbott.
D: Queen Elizabeth.

6: What is the significance of the number 99.94?
A: It was Don Bradman's Test batting average.
B: Interest rates were this high under Labor.
C: John Howard will retire at this age.
D: Pi (without sauce).

7: Which of the following is an Australian native?
A: Russell Crowe.
B: Mel Gibson.
C: Jackie Kelly.
D: The red-bellied black snake.

8: Which of the following was an unbridled success?
A: Naomi Robson's mission to rescue Wa-Wa from cannibals.
B: The Joh-for-Canberra campaign.
C: The Leyland P76.
D: The 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Answers:1,C; 2,D; 3,B; 4,B; 5,D; 6,A; 7,D; 8,D:

Rate your Aussieness:
8: Welcome, cobber, want a beer?
6-7: No worries.
4-5: Near enough.
3-4: That'll do.
0-2: At least you had a go. Come on in.


corym said...

The Ridgey Didge test has no mention of Winky Dink. I am offended.

( Winky Dink was a puppet on a 1987-ish kids show named Ridgey Didge if you didn't know. They even made an ice cream in his honour @ Wendy's ).

corym said...

Apologies for being a comments whore but... Sir Donald Bradman was the greatest ever Australian batsman in cricket :o)

So now you know. You're a true Aussie now! When you come down, just don't freak out over the number of McDonalds/KFC/Starbucks/Krispy Kreme/Pizza Huts etc etc around the place. Cept Melbourne. We only have 1 Krispy Kreme @ the moment. With a 1km drive thru queue 24/7.

Utegirl said...

AND...Winky Dink was a South Aussie!!! =D
As was Humphrey B.Bear & Fat Cat!
And the "Curiosity Show"...

Strange how they're all now defunct tho.. =(

corym said...

Just like the Adelaide Crows :o)