Thursday, September 07, 2006

My advice for celebs

If you are an heiress, actor, rock star, etc. & if you are going to go out drinking, HIRE a CAR and DRIVER to take you home. Seriously, WTF? What is so complicated about this?

But the best part were the excuses that Paris's PR people came up with for her drunk driving arrest last night: "She was tired, she only had one drink, she was at a charity event, she hadn't eaten bc she was working...blah blah blah" Um no, she hadn't eaten bc it was Wednesday, but more importantly not only are you getting into a car drunk, but you are doing it in front of 800 paparazzi. W-h-y??
And I really think if anything she should have been arrested for wearing the red belt over the shirt. yuck.


RM said...

I couldn't agree more. I take the same approach to drink-driving in general. It's really not that hard to either drive and not drink, or drink and get someone else to drive you.

People who do it need to have a long hard look at themselves as they're not only gambling with their life (which some could say is their right) but with the lives of others who had no say in the crazy decision.

Okay - that's my old person rant done :P

Dr Franklin J Miller said...
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