Monday, September 04, 2006


I am not sure if you guys in Oz know how HUGE Steve was in the US. Put it this way, his death has been the lead story on CNN & all of the other news stations every hour today on the hour. I know alot of Aussie's cringed when the heard the "Crikey" and saw the khaki shorts, but it is amazing how beloved he was around the world. At the end of the day he seemed like someone who really was just concerned about the animals & the environment. He will be missed.


Belongum said...

The man was a dag of the first order... no doubt - and as a critter lover I never really liked the way he worked with animals at times - but he was a true star... and will be missed in Oz. Especially by the critters he worked so very hard to protect... you go well Steve Irwin - Ta for your work mate!

Utegirl said...

I think the majority of Ozzies liked/loved him... you know how the "Tall Poppy" syndrome goes tho'..

It's certainly been a shock to all of us, and makes you realise that no one is invincible.

RIP Steve.

Breeze said...

A bogan and a gentleman.
His work, conduct and personal life are inspiring to us all.
It was easy to judge Steve a larrikin, but did a little deeper and you would have found a man full of compassion, love and honour.
Do not doubt his popularity here in Australia. Whilst some may have been a 'little' embarrased by his stereotyping behaviour, he was a battler, a bloody hard worker, a gentleman and a passionate father. Traits highly regarded, but often understated in Australia.
He has left a massive whole in Australian culture. I hope that Australia Zoo can continue his great work, but to me when I visit again it will never be quite the same.......
God bless Steve, and his family.