Monday, September 25, 2006

WTF Aussie style!

Apparently this Australian import, Star Ice, is being launched in the US and LaToya Jackson is the celebrity spokesperson.
"I have always wanted to be involved with a hot, new lifestyle product
such as this", said Jackson. Someone get Jo Ho (Johnny H) on the phone. How was this allowed to happen? A-she is not a real celebrity. B-she is not Australian C-How airbrushed is this photo? and finally D-If anything I should have been the spokesperson!


brizzysunshine said...

You are seriously funny, Yaussie Girl!

Breeze said...

Never heard of it. About as Aussie as Janet!.

Breeze said...

Apparently that's La toya.... Once again, she must be an Australian, because she definately ain't popular down here!