Saturday, October 28, 2006

My new Job

I just watched a doco on Australia that was narrated by our Russell Crowe (yes i know he threw a phone at someone but at least he still speaks with an aussie accent). Anyway I found out some stuff i didn't know:

-90% of our land is unsuitable for farming (that is a lot of land!)
-Cane toads don't have a natural predator so they are multiplying like crazy
-there are over 500,000 different species living there
-the land distance from sydney to perth is the same from NY to Hawaii
-the giant fence that runs across the country (I forget what you call it, but in typical aussie fashion it is probably called "the great long fence that keeps out the feral dogs" fence) anyway there are people whose full time job is to just repair the fence, every day, just repair the fence
-in the middle of the country, where the largest cattle station is, it hasn't rained in 4 years. 4 Years!!! that is crazy. And they don't use horses to round up the herd anymore, they use motorbikes and planes(but on mcleods they use both)
That brings me to my new line of work. I really want to be a Jill-a-roo!!! how cool would that be? Then I can say this sentence below that the Jillaroo they interviewed on the doco said: "I reckon I was meant to be a Jill-a-roo, because I love being feral. I get to go to work in jeans and no makeup everyday"

I think i can be feral too. I can just see myself on the property, on the veranda, in my DrizzyBones jacket & Akubra drinking a vb from a stuppy holder watching the sun set on the back 40. But i would have to get one of those hats with the strings hanging down to keep the flies away. Oh and I want to live in Kabadula -lalalalala (Sp?) bc is just sounds cool. Then I can say things like "I am Jill-a-roo from Kabadala!"


Belongum said...

Nup mate... a Jillaroo can't be see nwit hone of THOSE hats... otherwise she'd just be a bloody tourist!

lol. And it's the rabbit proof fence, and the dingo fence. Neither of which are particularly effective any more, but we do still have fellas who's job it is to deal with wild dogs on pastoral properties that run livestock.

I drive about 600kms to work at the start of my work week (or I'm flown in from another place 900kms away) and it take me about 5 hours or so. I drive back if this is the case too. Most of the land I cross is Station country and mining lease. It's a hard dry country.

McCleod's daughter is about farming properties. This is Station Country (what you'd call a ranch). Two VERY different kinds of pastoralists. DON'T confuse the two when talking to those wot come form out here... they'll get offended.

I used to mantain hospitals and nursing posts across a circumference of about 1400kms. I'd drive some incredible distances to do one simple job camp over, and go to the next place the next day. Sometimes you'd drive a few hundred kms and see only roadhouses or small country towns... blink at the right time and you'd miss it.

Love the outback but... especially when in run's into the ocean. Amazing country.


Anonymous said...
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