Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A moment of silence please....

Oh Brit Brit, had you only listened to the little warning voice in your head, or the 8 bajillion people telling you not to marry him, you wouldn't be out $10 million right now. (that is how much K-Fed gets in the divorce) But don't worry, she made a "surprise" visit to David Letterman & was in a cute outfit looking fit & thin & normal hair & makeup. She is gearing up for her comeback, ala Whitney. I have to say it has been a rough month in LA LA land, first Whitney Crack is Whack Houston, then Reese/Ryan, Chris Rock & his wife, now Brit/K-Fed. How am I supposed to believe in love anymore?
To my Aussies who have asked me what white trash means, please see above photo.
Ok now I have to go light a candle for the artist formerly known as Mrs. Federline.

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