Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sign me up!!!

ADELAIDE Zoo is going to be home to a new species: HUMANS!

In a world-first the zoo will have an enclosure that houses people. They will live in a new exhibit known as The Human Zoo. Six people will be housed in the orang-utan enclosure - next to the chimpanzees & gorillas - and be treated like apes. They will be fed like the zoo's other apes, with some food being hidden to encourage their foraging skills. Vets will check their health & they will be given behavioural stimulation devices such as puzzles & exercises. Each weekend a celebrity "zooloper" will join the group, usually a sports star who will bring in sporting equipment for stimulation.

OMG, I will do this if it gets me into AUS!!! And I want to know who the celebrity zooloper's are?


Utegirl said...

If it's Adelaide, it wont be anyone THAT famous.
And I'm not being nasty..I live here!!
There is no 'real' celebs here..unless you count Humphrey B. Bear. =)

Renato in Wonderland said...

I live here too and can't think of anyone famous we can put in those cages. When its 40 degress I wonder if they hose em down like a common animal... that could be interesting...