Monday, February 26, 2007

My Oscar Review 2007

In a nut shell...too long, too boring. I love Ellen, but after the 13th hour of the telecast I wanted to tell her to go home & feed Portia, bc Portia looks like she needs some porridge to cover her bones. Ok Our Nicole, loved the dress, hated the bow. I kept thinking it looked like the bow the dealer puts on the rearview when you get a new car. I wouldn't even put that on my new shiney red ute (that I hope to own one day). Reese, divorce agrees with her, she looked fabou. Cameron, a break up does not agree with you. I hope you are still not using that "homemade" hairgel like you did in that movie, bc messy isn't alwasy sexy. Jennifer Hudson, honey I know it is your first Oscars ceremony, but just bc "stars" were there doesn't mean that you have to look like you were going to outerspace, what was that silver jacket about? Otherwise she is fierce & I love that she completely upstaged and out sang Beyonce. Helen, what is her secret? She is like 800 years old & was one of the most beautiful women there. Grandma had it going on. I bet guys are calling her a GMILTF! Honestly though the younger girls should take a lesson from her.
(To read my past oscar/grammy review click the March 2005 entry under Archives, "to the left, to the left...." (sorry, I was channeling Beyonce for a minute) of this post)

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