Monday, February 26, 2007

Just say Botox

An open letter from me to Australia....
Dear Aussies,
In case it didn't air in Oz, there was an Oscar special on & our Nicole Kidman interviewed our Russell Crowe. I am sorry, but Nic must have had so much botox in her face bc I didn't see 1 facial expression the whole time. She said "I'm so nervous" & I thought, how can you tell? She said she was happy, and I was like, "that's a happy face? I thought that was your nervous face?" Then I realized they were the same, bc they didn't change. Also, Russell asked her if she was planning on having kids (I think a fairly standard question for a newlywed) and she was like "Don't go there, you are going into dangerous territory!" (Again, same face) but I thought, really? Why, is he asking you about going to Bagdad? No, he is asking about a baby. So if anyone is friends with Nic, maybe you went to primary school, or were an extra on BMX Bandits, please sent her an email & ask her to stop whatever she is doing bc i think the whole point of being an actress is to be able to express emotions. (However it is possible that it's residual effects of the Scientology brainwashing that is oozing out of her skin, in which case I just blame Tom Cruise)

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MIKETRON said...

Nice one, Yaussie...
I think she's been preparing for a role in the next Star Trek movie for the last couplee of years. She's a character actress and Klingons don't move their foreheads, upper lips or eyebrows for expression. Talk about realism!