Tuesday, February 06, 2007

One small step for man.....One giant diaper for a freak

A former NASA astronaut, Lisa Marie Nowak, is under arrest for trying to kidnap a woman who was supposedly going after the same man as her. Lisa drove 900 miles, from Texas to Florida wearing adult diapers so that she wouldn't have to stop to use the bathroom to confront the "other woman". When she got to Florida she bought a disguise, a BB gun & pepper spray, but told police she only wanted to "talk" to the other woman. UMMMMM ok, first of all, if you just wanted to talk, you would not have bought a BB gun, second, you would not have worn ADULT DIAPERS for 900 miles! Seriously I know some women can do crazy things to get a man, but I can't imagine thinking, "Well, it's 3:00, I am going to go put on some Huggies ultra soft and have a quick chat with my nemisis."


Jodi said...

Yes... Lisa Marie Nowak is quite the AstroNUT, isn't she!?!?!

Renato in Wonderland said...

I like this woman. She set a goal for herself, and did not let a little wee wee get in her way of achieving her goals!

AJ said...

She looks spookily like a cross between Christina applegate and Brittney.
Bud married his sister!