Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yo Adrian, pass me my steroids.

Sylvester Stallone is in trouble with Australia authorities over banned bodybuilding substances. He was in Sydney for the opening of Rocky 87, or whatever the hell they are up to now, when customs officials stopped him. After being released at the airport, officials later went to his hotel to search the room there. Sly (Sly fox that is) was reportedly seen throwing "items" out of the hotel window. (HMMM I am thinking that those items were not water balloons)
First of all, you are 600, I mean 60, years old. Do you really still need steroids? Second you can't bring anything into Australia. The first time I flew in from the states to Sydney, not only did they make you watch a video on the plane of all of the quarantine laws (understandable as it is an Island and they need to be quite strict) but they even made me throw out my gum!

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AJ said...

I feel so sorry for this girl. She has clearly had a break down and I do hope she picks up the pieces and gets her kids back!