Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hamish and Andy contest

I was just listening to my itunes. I noticed that I have 3.4 days worth of Hamish & Andy podcasts. That means I could literally sit at my desk for the next3.4 days & listen to them. I am obviously not crazy so I won't do that, but I feel like they should do some kind of contest with me, kind of like when David Blaine was in the box in London for a week with no food. But I would have to eat during those 3.4 days. It is too the point where I can't really listen to them on my ipod in public anymore bc I burst out laughing & then I get the strangest looks from people who probably think I am just listening to music. The other day on the treadmill at the gym, I put them on & Hamish said something that was so funny that I laughed out loud & almost tripped. I know the people on either side of me must have thought I was a lunatic.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Fairy bread is bread with butter and 100's of 1000's (we do not get up to millions in Australia). It is called that because we have them at children parties and fairy bread is eaten with fairy cakes (cup cakes).