Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The night the lights went out in Erinsborough

Next year the BBC will stop airing the popular Aussie soap, Neighbours. Apparently the show was too expensive and the BBC couldn't pay the asking price.
I feel for people in the UK because it has been on air there since 1986! They only showed it here for 3 months before they cancelled it, and, surprise surprise, being the good wanna be Aussie that I am, I had practically moved onto Ramsey Street! However I can't imagine how this show can be expensive to produce. After not having seen it for years, when I just went back to AUS this year, I turned it on & all of the sets were exactly the same as they were in 2001, just the families living in the houses had changed. I can't imagine that the actors are paid that much, but maybe I am wrong? In real life is Toadie living the good life with harbour views? And all of the actors leave anyway. Kylie, Dannii, Holly, Delta, Stephanie, etc. they all wind up in London and release pop songs.

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