Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Teletubby, Hubby Hubby?

Some members of the Polish government are trying to stop what they consider "homosexual propaganda" on tv & they are concerned about the purple Teletubbie called Tinky Winky.
Seriously? This is what they are spending tax dollars investigating? First of all the character is named Tinky Winky, not Fabulous Frankie. ;) And who cares if it is a gay character, it is 2007, what is the problem? Did these people miss that fact that Bert and Ernie were two "single men/puppets" sharing a bedroom together & wearing matching outfits? Hello? But instead of worrying about if Tinky is gay or not, I am more concerned over the fact that it has no eyebrows & an inverted clothes hanger attached to its head. Also, maybe what they should be worried about are the Bratz dolls that look like $2 hookers on a Friday night.

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