Thursday, May 10, 2007

The winner is.......

ME!!!! I can't believe it. I had been nominated on a website ( in a blog contest & I won in my category (Most Humorous) & I won in the Most Wanted category which meant getting the most number of votes overall out of all of the categories!. I am completely shocked bc I have never won anything & the fact that I did win this Australian contest has just got me completely wrapped! Thanks so much for everyone who voted, seriously I am really happy about this. I am going to put the photo above on my application when I apply for my visa.
When I was just in Australia, I went into the library to use the internet & they made me join. I kept joking how happy I was to have my first "Official" Australian piece of ID. Well this prize beat the library card!
I can cross the first two things off of my Aussie to do list.

Things I want from Australia now:
-a library card (DONE)
-Win blog contest (DONE)
-An aussie man with a ute
-a dog (preferably a bluey)
-a job in AUS
-a house with a veranda
-to see Kylie and or Robbie in concert
-go on Rove, possibly marry him
-become a regular on the Hamish and Andy show
-meet Bert Newton

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alex said...

Of course you won! This is some funny s***, yo. well done!