Sunday, May 20, 2007

WTF of the week in America

My friends that don't live in the US always joke with me about Americans & guns. I have been asked everything from "Do you own a gun?", to "Have you ever been shot at?". I always explain that not all American's own guns, many of us are anti-gun & want tougher gun control laws. Then, I read this article below, & it shoots (no pun intended) my argument to hell.
In Chicago a 10 month old baby boy has received a gun permit. The permit actually has the baby's height (2 feet) & weight (20 pounds) on it. Because there isn't an age restriction for a gun in that state, they had to give it to him. The reason Bubba's dad applied for the permit is because the baby's grandfather bought the baby a 12-gauge shotgun as a present. But they won't actually give Bubba the gun until he is about 14 years old.

Ok -1. It is no surprise to me that someone who would actually call a baby "Bubba" would get it a gun permit. 2-Instead of giving a gun as a gift that you won't be able to use for 13 years, why not get him a savings bond or open up a bank account with the $ you spent on the gun & permit, & let that gain interest for 13 years. 3- WTF is wrong with people?

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