Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Age of Love....Death of a tennis career?

Oh my lovely friends in AUS, you have no idea what you are missing. The new reality show, Age of Love, starring Mark Philippoussis, aka "The Scud", aired on American tv last night. Basically it is a rip off of The Bachelor, except Mark has to choose from 2 groups of women, 40 year olds (who call themselves "cougars") & 20 year olds (who call themselves "kittens"). He looks really out of his element & slightly afraid of the older women. I wonder is this means no more tennis for him?
I would never go on a reality tv show, but this I may have considered just for a chance to marry him for my Aussie visa. (HA HA) But I just about spit the dummy when I saw the upcoming scenes for this season & he brings the girls back to Australia. I am now completely jealous of these American women who are going to go to Australia & embarrass themselves by saying things like "Mark, what team to you root for?" OMG, I just had a great idea, I should be on the show as the coach for the girls who wind up going to AUS. My own version of My Fair Lady. I could put them through sensitivity training & tell them to not say stupid things like "I hope I can fit everything in my fanny pack."

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