Wednesday, June 27, 2007

From Full House to Drunken Louse?

John Stamos appeared on Australia's Mornings with Kerri-Ann this week & his behaviour seemed pretty bizarre! He insulted Kerri-Ann's outfit, made a rude gesture with a vase & asked the Greek community in AUS to boycott The Daily Telegraph bc he didn't like what they said about him.
In my opinion he was drunk as a skunk, but his "people" said it was jet lag. I have been to AUS many times & jet lag makes you tired, but it never made me slur my speech or act like a moron. The best part is it turns out that he had been in the country several days before he appeared on Kerri-Ann & went to a strip club on his first day were he apparently signed autographs & posed for pictures. Interesting he wasn't suffering from jet lag then! haha. In case you missed it you can watch it here:
But make sure to come back to my blog after, you wouldn't want to miss me saying something witty or fabulously entertaining! ;)

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