Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to "Our Nic"

Looks like Keith Urban flew into Bowen, where Nic and Hugh are filming "Australia", to help celebrate her 40th. He organized a special surprise fireworks display & had arranged a big dinner party for her.
Now first of all, should you really have had fireworks in the middle of a drought? I know what those Aussie's are like with water restrictions, it is no joke. Some of them even shower with buckets in the shower to catch excess water. And 2nd, I feel like he went through a lot of work to please her. I think clearly this shows why he should be married to me. I would be happy if he just gave me a cake, or a jar of Vegemite, or a can of VB......ok who I am kidding, I would settle for a high five and a smile. ;)

1 comment:

carpe diem said...

Yeah, we're entering Level 6 soon, so the buckets in the shower remain. I heard you'll be fined soon if they catch you spitting on the pergola!