Saturday, June 02, 2007

Keith Urban Kidman Cruise Who?

When Keith Urban went to visit Nicole on her movie set in Queensland, a female security guard would not let him in. She actually told him to leave & "get a life" because she had no idea who he was. She had to call her boss on the radio & say "There is some guy here named Keith Urban who wants to come in." Naturally once the boss heard that he ran down to fix the situation. The guard's mom went & bought magazines to point out celebs to her so she wouldn't make that mistake again. When she saw a pic of Hugh Jackman she apparently said"Oh, I saw that guy about 10 times today."
OMG, how can that be?? I am shocked since Aussies are so proud of their celeb's & can usually spot them right away. I actually saw Hugh on the street once from about a mile away & I am practically blind but I still knew it was him! And yes, he is handsome & gorgeous in person too!

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