Monday, June 11, 2007

Ok I give in

I have been really trying to not comment on the Paris jail thing bc I think the only way she is going to go away is if we all stop talking about her. But everyone keeps asking so here is what I think, in convenient bullet points-
*I believe she got caught drunk driving not once but twice, right? Then got busted for driving without a license after that. If she wants to kill herself, that is her choice, but she could have hurt or killed other people doing that & I don't care who you are, famous or not, you should be in jail for that, esp since it happened more then once. She then blamed her publicist for not telling her she couldn't drive. Please, how old are you that you don't know better?
*If she was so devastated that she had to go to jail, would she really go to the MTV movie awards the night before & then pull her Von Trapp family escape in the night by leaving a show filled with people?
*If she wanted to "sneak" into jail without the paparazzi, why did she drive into the jail with the tinted out windows of her SUV rolled down where a website just "happened" to catch her on camera. A normal person would have had the car windows shut.
*Her 1st 2 days of jail she was not eating or sleeping. Please, she is out every night when not in prison, she isn't sleeping or eating when she is home anyway.
*When she was released, it was bc of a "medical condition". I think it was withdrawal from having her photo taken. I call it Paparazzitis.
*Then found out she had to go back to court, I heard that the night before she went back she had her spray tan person come to her house & she had her hair & makeup people come fix her up b4 she got into the police car to go back, I don't know if that is true but I believe it. So no, I don't feel bad for her when I saw her Crocodile tears in the back of the police car.
*Today in a phone interview she said she will no longer "act dumb". Honestly, I don't think she is that good of an actress so I am not sure how much of that was an act to begin with.
Ok now what I think should have happened, aside from jail, is that every media outlet, blogger (me included) tv show, etc. should refuse to mention her or publish any photo's of her for at least 1 year. That would really be punishment!

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