Saturday, June 02, 2007

Rub-a-dub-dub....I stole a million dollar tub!

A gold tub that cost over $1 million dollars was stolen from a hotel in Tokyo. It was over 176 pounds & was made out of 18-karat gold. The tub was on the 10th floor of the hotel.
Ok so 1-why would anyone make a $1 million tub? Seriously, make a $1 million house instead. 2-no one in the lobby saw a person leaving with it? Usually they would be on you if they saw you trying to leave with a bathrobe, but did the robbers really just walk right by reception carrying a tub? 3-It was on the 10th floor! How did they get it out without anyone seeing what was going on? I want to stay at that hotel, I need a new flat screen tv, maybe they won't notice if I walk out with it strapped to my back!

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