Monday, June 11, 2007

Tivo down under

Good news Australia, you guys will be able to buy Tivo! (in 2008, but still it is coming!)
Let me explain. Tivo is like the lover you wish you had. It can digitally record any show that you want & save it for you until you are ready to watch, it is not pushy, it will wait until you are ready to commit. You can tape an entire season of your fave show by clicking a season pass button once, it will automatically tape it every week then until the season is over. (You will never miss another episode of Mcleods Daughters or Home & Away!) Once it gets to know you (it is like you are dating in the beginning) it will then suggest shows that it thinks you will like & tape them for you. Imagine, you come home from work, & get to see what shows tivo was nice enough to tape for you during the day! (You can also turn that feature off if you want) When I first got it I must have taped a spanish movie bc then for a while Tivo thought I was from Maria from Spain & kept suggesting Spanish language movies. However now that he has learned what my tastes are, he suggests things that are more suited to my tastes. Also you can pause & rewind live tv, so if you are watching the footy & need to go get some more VB you can just pause the game!

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Meghan said...

We already have it. Or something just like it, without the suggestions. Here on Foxtel in Melbourne it's called IQ. I record EastEnders everyday ;)