Monday, July 02, 2007

Age of love Part 2

Ok for Aussie's who love bad reality tv, Age of Love, staring Mark Philipousis aired it's second show last week. It case it is not airing in AUS, here is what you are missing:
*While he was talking to one of the 20 year olds (remember he is dating a group of 20 year olds & a group of 40 year olds) he said something like "what are you life goals?" & the girl said "I don't know, I am still young and don't know what I want to do." He said "well what are you passionate about, what can you see yourself doing?" And she said "well.....I like to eat." (I am not kidding, she really said that.)
*One 20 year old was crying bc she didn't get a chance to talk to him on the first day they all met him. (Really, this brings you to tears??)
*One of the 20's is from Australia originally so if I have to barrack for 1 of the young ones I guess I will pick her.
*Out of nowhere Mark has a puppy in his apartment. OMG, it is like the producer just thought, let's throw a puppy in there to make him look good!

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Quick said...

I posted a blog about this recently. The show is not on here yet but the promo has started and my God... makes me cranky. I will watch some of it, and I'll bet the telly gets shouted at a fair bit.