Sunday, July 01, 2007

Come out of the closet, into the light....

Reportedly, Vicky Spice Beckham, has designed a closet for her new house in LA. The closet costs over $500,000 & has a Baccarat Chandelier, an Andy Warhol painting, leather floors & a computer that tracks when she wears which items of clothing. (I mean God forbid she wear the same jeans twice!) It also is said to have a camera that will allow her to see a 360 degree catscan of the dress she will be wearing before she goes out in it.
Ok I think Poshy needs a cat scan of her brain. I know they are gajillionaires & they can spend their money however they want, but is a $500,000 closet (closet, not house) necessary? Can't she donate that to charity? I mean there are millions of people who are starving in this world (including Posh herself) who could use that money. Sigh.

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