Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wet cell phones

I just read this article which I will summarize. Let's say you drop your cell phone in a pool, or let's be real, let's say you drop it in the toilet at the pub when you are having a big night out. Here are some tips to try to save the phone:

1-Turn it off asap & take the battery out & the SIM card. Don't turn the phone back on!!
2-Dry it as much as you can & try to use a q-tip to get into the nooks.
3- put the phone & battery in a dry spot and let it sit there. But don't put the battery back in bc it may short circuit.
4-Wait about 3 days for it to dry.

You are welcome, in advance.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to listen to these tips. I dropped my phone in the toilet during a big night out, subsequently it didn't work and I bought a new one within a few days.
After 3 weeks, I tried my old phone and it worked!!