Sunday, August 12, 2007

Phrases that I never want to hear on reality shows

I am sad to admit that I have watched way to many "reality" tv shows. Including Age of Love, with Mark Philippoussis, which ended last week. I won't give away the ending, but I was trying not to gag when one of the American women was going crazy over seeing Kangaroos (He brings some of the finalists back to Melbourne to meet his family). However then I thought back to my first time seeing a wild kangaroo & I guess I did go a little crazy myself.
Anyway here is a list of phrases/words that I never want to hear in a reality show again:

*We have a "connection."

*Tonight is "elimination" & I still don't know who I am going to give the _____ to. (Fill in the blank with Rose, Backstage pass, Boomerang, Key, Gold clock as in Flava of Love, etc)

*I need some more "one on one" time.

*This time, I have to "follow my heart."

* "This isn't a game anymore. My feelings are involved now." (Umm, yes it is a game, that is the whole reason you are on the show)

* "I have fallen in love with him/her." (Ok you met the person 2 days ago & spend about 15 minutes with him/her. I assure you, you are not in love, & if you think you are, you should be on another show, called "Wake The F*** Up" show.)

*I can't believe he/she is dating another guy/girl. (Really? You went on a dating show with 30 other single people?What did you think was going to happen?? Hello??)

* Alliance. This word should just be banned. I never want to hear "We have an alliance, she broke our alliance, they are in an alliance." Seriously, lose that word!

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