Monday, September 17, 2007

2007 Emmy Review - part 1

Ryan Seacrest, not that funny but overall he didn't bother me. America Ferrar-so glad that she won. I just wanted them to play America the Beautiful when she walked up on stage. Heidi Va Va Voom Klum looked amazing. Helen Mirren-forget Stacy's mom, this grandma has is going on. She looked fierce. Katherine Heigl-also looked amazing. But when they mispronounced her name I wanted her to say "It's Heigl bitch!" & then start lip syncing like Britney. Portia & Ellen-I loved Portia's dress (although I am still annoyed that she speaks with an American accent, you are from Geelong Portia, don't forget it. How can you not be proud to be Australian?)

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