Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Chasers War on Everything

I didn't get a chance to comment on this last week. I think it is so crazy that with all of the security that was at the APEC summit in Sydney, the boys from the Chasers were able to get so close to Pres. Bush. For American's who wouldn't know, it is a show that has 4 guys who go out & perform funny skits or ask ridiculous questions to famous people. It is hard to describe but it is hilarious. Basically they rented a car, & put a Canadian flag on it & made it through 2 security check points. They picked Canada bc they thought no one has issues with Canada. That is funny! I actually love that a lot of the police in Sydney were kind of like "Good on them, they had a laugh!", instead of freaking out as they would have here. You can check out their website below. My fave is when they do the "If life was a musical" act & go into a grocery store or somewhere & break out into song & dance.

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