Saturday, September 01, 2007

The "Real" World Sydney

I used to love MTV's The Real World (7 strangers picked to live in a house...etc) but I can't watch it anymore, I am just too old & tired of watching the same types of people (an ignorant person, a hot jock guy, a slutty girl, etc.) have the same fights over & over. BUT this season was in Sydney, I am forcing myself & pretty sure that I am losing brain cells each time I watch an episode. I was just looking forward to getting to see AUS on tv here in America, but so far all they have shown is the obligatory shots of the harbour & Opera House. (I apologize in advance to the people in Sydney who will probably be offended by the stupid comments they are sure to make) For ex. 1 of the guys said something like "There are no good looking girls in AUS. " I was like WTF? You have got to be kidding me. The 1 thing I don't like about AUS is there are 2 many pretty girls there, it is too much competition for cute aussie boys! ;)

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