Sunday, October 28, 2007

When stage mom's attack...

God help us all. I am trying not to write about Britney but I am making an exception bc this is about her Mom, or Mama, if you will. Apparently Lynne Spears is writing a book about Britney that will be called "Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story or Fame & Family in a Tabloid World." Give me a break. It is bad enough your daughter is a hot mess, but now you are going to write a book about it? These are what I think she will name the chapters:
1. How to push young girls into the spotlight for the fame that I always wanted for myself
2. Growing up Country Y'all
3. Disney makes dreams come true! From a a Mess, in 10 short years
4. How to avoid: public head shavings, marrying a backup dancer & no pantie photos

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