Sunday, January 27, 2008

What is wrong with teens today?

I know the answer. What's wrong is that there aren't any ABC Afterschool specials anymore. For Aussies who may not know, these were 1 hour specials that used to run in the afternoon & always had a "moral" or deep message about all the ways you could screw up you life (drugs, drunk driving, etc) & they were very dramatic. They also starred many famous celebs like Jodie Foster & Marion Ross.
However the titles were classic. Here are some examples:
*Me and my dad's new wife *Dad Lives in a Downtown Hotel
*Me and My hormones *Please Don't Hit Me Mom
*My Kid Went Punk *Two Teens and a Baby

Falling so far so fast

It really is amazing how a in a few years someone can go from top of the world to looking like they crawled out of a dumpster. Jeez.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

R.I.P Heath Ledger

I used to love him so much that I still have a copy of this magazine from 2000. He looked like hot young blonde aussie & I was completely smitten. I really hope he didn't die of a drug overdose, that would be such a sad waste of a talent. sigh.

YAY Whole foods!

They get my green star award!:
Whole Foods will stop offering plastic grocerybags in all of their 270 stores in the USA, Canada and the UK by April 22. That means a saving of 100 million plastic bags by the end of this year alone.
Well done!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Meet the new love of my life...

I almost don't want to tell people bc I don't want to have to wait in long lines now, but Dunkin Donuts new Milky Way hot chocolate is so good, I think I am in physical love with it! I am becoming addicted, it is my new crack.

What is missing from my life?

I felt a bit off lately & realized what I am missing. Celebrity Fit Club! Where have you gone? I miss Dr. Ian, Harvey, & Ant. The Biggest Loser Couples is really good but it just isn't the same. Those contestants aren't calling their publicists when they have a breakdown.

Also for my aussie's, I am missing Hamish & Andy and Hughsey & Kate. They have been off the air for like 8 months now. Ok maybe only 5 weeks but still it seems like 8 months. I am so bored without their podcasts. :(

If loving Miley is wrong...

I don't want to be right! I hate to admit that I am in love with the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana song, See You Again, but I am. My inner 12 year old girl is dying to break free. I don't get the whole Hannah Montana thing. I tried to watch it once & it was too confusing, is she blonde or brunette, she is a "secret" rock star? Who knows the "secret" & who doesn't? It was too much. But I can't stop singing that damn song so I just bought it! (just to make myself feel better & give me some street cred, I also bought a 50 cent song. so there!)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ikea Addict

A filmmaker in NJ has decided to move into an IKEA store for a week while his own apt is being fumigated. He is set up in one of the display bedrooms & uses the employee bathrooms & cafeteria when he needs to. His wife, who obviously has the sense God gave her, refused to join him. I am guessing this is for some kind of IKEA documentary, however we all know it is probably because he is addicted to the damn Cinnabuns!

Pam is tired of dating boys....

And has moved onto fish! She is now going through her 3rd divorce & realized a mackerel may be better then a man..

Monday, January 07, 2008

Urban + Kidman = Baby Urbman

It has been confirmed that Our Keith Urban & Nicole are having a baby.
Sigh. I am happy for them but I kind of wanted to have Keith's baby! ha

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Janet, Miss Jackson, if your are nasty!

Here is a line from Janet's new single: "My swag is serious, something like a first day period." Yuck! Really, really with all of the words in the world, you have to sing about your period. Just because "Aunt Flo" pays you a monthly visit doesn't mean you have to sing about it.

Green parties!

Here are some tips about have to have a "green party:Use evites instead of printed invitations. Have people write their names on their cups so they don't use more then they have too, or better yet, use glasses instead of paper cups. Make sure to recycle any plastic or paper that you can after the party. Instead of having all of your lights on light some candles (but make sure they are made of beeswax) Also when cleaning up before or after use all natural cleaning products. (I love the Method ones,they are good for the environment, they work & are pretty cheap). Oh & don't forget beer, wine & food!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Like a knight in shinning armor...

This man is going to save this mess? Please. Dr.Phil went to the hospital today to meet with Britney. I am not even making funny of Britney bc at this point the whole thing is ridiculous & I feel for her kids. I hope Dr. Phil can help her but I think it is going to take more then him saying, "well like two sheep stuck in a mud river, we are gonna dry out your moonshine." Or whatever crazy saying he comes up with.

Natalie Imbruglia is "torn"

Natalie Imbruglia & Daniel Johns are divorcing. That is sad, they seemed like a cute happy couple. Plus she is gorgeous & now that she is single, I don't want her in the same dating pool as me! haha.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Blog more, get better at returning emails in a timely manner, live a healthier life, stop watching reality shows (ok who are we kidding, see the post below, this crap tv is too good to pass up) get someone to buy me an iphone. (I have phone envy, I was looking at someones today & I fell into physical love with the damn thing) Move to AUS bc hopefully K Rudd will change the Visa laws & make it easier for me to get in, & if not, try out for Farmer Finds a Wife!

Thoughtful reflections...

It is that time of year to think about what I have to look forward to in 2008.....
  1. That's Amore! (Domenico from Shot at Love with Tila Tequila is getting his own show)
  2. Tila Tequila 2 (that's right, Tila and Bobby broke up)
  3. Rock of Love 2 (Brett Micheals is back baby, strippers start greasing the pole now)
  4. Flavor of Love 3 (Hootchies, sorry I mean "Ladies" they are casting now so sign up!)

Know when to hold them and know when to fold them..

Russell Crowe has banned poker machines from his rugby club. Apparently they wanted a family friendly club. The machines brought in about $860,000 worth of revenue annually. I guess that is cool, but I just want to know if he sees someone gambling, will he throw a phone at them?? :)