Sunday, January 27, 2008

What is wrong with teens today?

I know the answer. What's wrong is that there aren't any ABC Afterschool specials anymore. For Aussies who may not know, these were 1 hour specials that used to run in the afternoon & always had a "moral" or deep message about all the ways you could screw up you life (drugs, drunk driving, etc) & they were very dramatic. They also starred many famous celebs like Jodie Foster & Marion Ross.
However the titles were classic. Here are some examples:
*Me and my dad's new wife *Dad Lives in a Downtown Hotel
*Me and My hormones *Please Don't Hit Me Mom
*My Kid Went Punk *Two Teens and a Baby


Bryan said...
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Anonymous said...

Goodness. I want to watch the "my kid went Punk" one, that sounds it has a good soundtrack! :)

Anonymous said...
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