Thursday, October 02, 2008

Live blogging the Vice Presidential debate

Let's play a drinking game. Every time Sarah Palin says America, Americans, Hockey mom, Alaska or Maverick, we do a shot!

*Ok, it is 5 minutes in, I am already wasted.
*She just said "Let's do what our mother's told us when we got out first credit card, don't spend more then you have." Um, oh, ok, so now everyone in America is only going to pay cash? My mother also told me to wear a hat when it is cold outside or I will get sick. Turns out, you get sick from germs. Who knew?
*I think I am drunk from the shots, but she is really starting to look like Tina Fey..
*She says thus and therefore a lot. I think she is trying to sound "smart," it's not working. Maybe she should speak in Russian since she BFF with Putin. I hear he flies over for lunch on Tuesdays. Actually since Russia is "right over there" he might just swim over instead of fly.
*She just said she is "main street". Interesting, I just read her & the hubby have a net worth over a million $'s. Is that main street or Park Avenue?
*NEITHER of them support gay marriage? That is completely depressing. This is 2008. How can you be so ignorant? I guess it is ok for Britney to get married for 48 hours, but not for a gay couple who have been together for 20 years to be married. Sigh. My heart just broke for my gay friends.
*OMG, stop trying to act like a "Main street" mom. I don't know any mom's who shoot Moose! Oh, and I read newspapers, I can even name a couple of them. OMG, I should totally run for President!
*Why won't McCain sit down & meet with Spain? Who doesn't like tapas?
*Why is it that they can say "Ahmadinejad", but not the word "Nuclear"? Good God, buy a copy of Hooked on Phonics, works for me!
*ok, new game, every time she says "as Governor of the state of Alaska" do a shot! I think she has said that about 7,483,874 times by now.
*I have never been to Alaska, but I am pretty sure I don't want you to "Bring Wasilla to Washington" I would like Alaska to stay where it is, I watched Northern Exposure. Some of those people were scary.
*She just said "heck" and "doggone it". Is she going to go to Arnolds later & meet the Fonz for the sock hop?
*I am falling in love with Joe Biden.
*Again, she just called John a Maverick. 2 shots! Didn't she see Top Gun? A Maverick is not always a good thing. Didn't Kelly McGillis almost leave Maverick Pete Mitchell?
*I am so drunk right now.
*Biden just got choked up. I am completely in love. I love when men cry, it shows me they have emotions. (and no, crying over the superbowl doesn't count)

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