Tuesday, December 02, 2008

AUSTRALIA, my island home

I don't listen to critics bc it is just one person's opinion. Here is my review of Australia the movie. I LOVED IT. Done. I don't know what the problem was that all of these "critics" had with it. I admit I am bias & yes some of the story was predictable & a bit cheesy, but so what? The little boy was so gorgeous & did an amazing job, Hugh Jackman was born for this role (I am so happy Russell Crowe passed on it) & our country looked beautiful. Some scenes looked like an ad for the Northern Territory. I laughed & cried, I think I cried bc I was happy in some parts, sad in others, & just homesick in others!
I was thinking maybe the critics/American audiences would struggle with not knowing much about Aboriginal culture & how it relates to the movie? I know most of my friends here wouldn't understand a "walkabout", so maybe that is what the critics didn't get? BUT I have to say, not to be mean, the real problem with Nicole is that her face does not move. It was kind of annoying me in the film, seriously not much emotion can be shown on you face when it is frozen. Oy.

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Renato in Wonderland said...

hola chica
thought you'd like to see this link w/c had film locations for the flick.. seems the only NT locale was Darwin for the wharf scenes...