Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rock the vote

Ok so I am in a blog contest for an Aussie travel site. I am nominated for most humorous blog! Crazy, I know. Anyway if anyone is so inclined, the way you vote is to send an email to:


and mention the name of my blog: www.australiandreams.blogspot.com and just say like one or two lines about what you think of it, if you find it funny or entertaining or whatever. If not, no worries, but it would be your good deed fo the day and kharma may pay you back!

New Aussie things I am in love with....

Haighs chocolates, and the Crunchy Corn Flakes in the Yellow Box.
The Chasers, Bert's Family Fued, The Biggest Loser, Rove (still!)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Still in paradise

I am still in AUS and not really able to post anything. But I am happy as can be because I got to watch Hamish and Andy on Rove last night, LIVE. I can't even believe it. And I had my first ride in a UTE and found a new favorite song: She's my ute. I love it.
In other news we found out who Anna's Baby Daddy was and Prince William broke up with his girlfriend. I heard it is cold in the US, but here it is paradise, 80 degrees and sunny. yipee!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Out of Office

For those who asked, I haven't been posting lately bc right now I am in Australia!!!!! YAY!! How happy am I? So I won't be posting that much over the next few weeks bc I too busy doing all of the things I love, like:
Catching up with friends, going to the beach, eating Nice biscuit and Freddo Frogs. Watching Mornings with Kerri Anne (although I still love Bert and miss him in the mornings) seeing Neighbours and Home and Away (but a little upset that Neighbours seems to be lacking hot aussie boys), going to Australian Target and watching the footy. Also getting to see Rove live and buying Aussie things like the new Silverchair CD and the next season of Mcleods on dvd. I am in Heaven.
Keep checking back for more updates!