Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Breaking Science News

Nicole Ritchie is 4 months pregnant. In a medical first, the baby weighs more then the mother and it hasn't even been born yet!

Simpsons movie rakes in the D'Oh!!!

The Simpsons movie made $71 million the US during the first 2 days of release. That is pretty amazing for a cartoon that is 20 years old!

Keep the Faith!

At a concert this week Faith Hill chastised a female fan in the audience that grabbed her husband Tim McGraw's "special place". She basically told the fan that that was disrespectful. I say you go girl! Seriously how rude was that fan??? I heard of throwing your panties on stage, but she practically made him turn his head and cough!
In case you missed it:


Silverchair update

As several people told me, it turns out Daniel was wearing the eye patch at the concert bc he had hurt his eye earlier in the week, so he wasn't trying out for Pirates of the Caribbean 47! (thanks for the info!)

Sunday, July 29, 2007


I was able to see Silverchair in the US this week. YAY! They were awesome. (See photos that I took above) However there was one odd thing. Daniel Johns was wearing a bandanna & eye patch throughout the show. I am not exactly sure what the eye patch was about, maybe he was channeling Captain Jack Sparrow? And, believe it or not, he did not see me in the crowd, promise to divorce Natalie & marry me. I know, I can't believe it either. (Click on the pic's above to enlarge them)
Also there was a gorgeous Aussie boy that stood in front of me for a minute but turned around politely & said "Can you see?" I soooo wanted to say "Yes.....I can see us being married & having beautiful Aussie children....." But alas, I did not say that. I am going to try to post some video of the show too so check back tomorrow!

Becks in LA

Is it just me, or has Beckham gotten less attractive since he arrived in LA? I mean I know they say Hollywood is tough, but geez, I don't think he is looking so hot.

Wet cell phones

I just read this article which I will summarize. Let's say you drop your cell phone in a pool, or let's be real, let's say you drop it in the toilet at the pub when you are having a big night out. Here are some tips to try to save the phone:

1-Turn it off asap & take the battery out & the SIM card. Don't turn the phone back on!!
2-Dry it as much as you can & try to use a q-tip to get into the nooks.
3- put the phone & battery in a dry spot and let it sit there. But don't put the battery back in bc it may short circuit.
4-Wait about 3 days for it to dry.

You are welcome, in advance.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Environmental tip of the day

  • Switch to energy efficient light bulbs. They are cheap, and they last for years. You can save the environment and save money!
  • Dry cleaning- Bring your wire hangers back to them the next time you drop off clothes. Don't throw them out, just return them.

Congrats to Our Kylie

It has been 20 years since our Kylie released her first single, Locomotion. She is still going strong (at least in the rest of the world besides the US, most people here have no idea how huge she is overseas) so congrats and keep it up!

Edible Cars?

The Ford Motor company will start using Soy based cushions in the Mustangs that will be released in 2008. This is good for the environment because it will save thousands of barrels of oil.
HOWEVER, this is what the newspaper article said:

"The soy seats are not edible."

Really? As if........as if you would be driving down the road in your Mustang, feel a bit hungry, & start eating your passenger seat! WTF?

New Natalie

Natalie Imbruglia is trying to relaunch her music career by turning to a new "pop" sound. That might be cool, she has a good voice. The only song that really made it in the US was Torn. However if I looked like that I wouldn't ever bother trying to sing, I would just say "Look how beautiful I am, now go out and do my bidding..." Haha

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Talk about a hard day at work...

An Aussie company is looking for people to be condom testers! They testers won't be paid but they will get to choose from a selection of condoms. Anyone interested must explain why they would be an "expert" tester.
Ok but I want to know what you would have to do to get fired from this job? Get someone pregnant? And then what, will the company pay to put the kid through school! Also what if you are out at a pub & meet a cute guy & he tells you that is his "job"!

Fashionably late vs ridiculously early

A man flew to the UK from his home in Canada to attend his friend's wedding. He paid $1175 for his plane ticket and when he got there realized he was a YEAR early!
How pissed off would you be, if you travelled to another country, paid all of that money, used your holiday time, just to learn that you had screwed up the dates!

Environmental Tips

  • Don't overfill the kettle when you are making a cup of tea/coffee. If you are only making one cup then only put that amount in the kettle!
  • Turn your computer off when you are not using it. Not only is this good for the environment, but it saves you money!

Monday, July 23, 2007

British invasion

Well Brand Beckham has landed in the US (I have tix to see David play next month, YAY!) But I am so fascinated by this photo. Tom & Will threw a party for Posh & Becks to welcome them to the US. Oh to be a fly on that wall at that party! When I move to AUS I would like the cast of Mcleod's Daughters to throw me a party!

Pet Peeve of the week

I am not smoker, never had been & never will be. But my big pet peeve is when someone is smoking outside & they flick their cigarette butts on the ground without putting them out. It isn't that hard to step on it & would take about 1 second of your life to do this. This particularly bothered me the other day when I was walking down the street & this idiot in front of my threw his cigarette on the ground without putting it out but it landed on my foot (it is summer so I was wearing sandals) & literally burned my foot. So please from now on make sure they are extinguished. Thanks on behalf of everyone with nice feet.

I'm Back!

Sorry, I had some of my lovely Aussie's friends over and haven't had a chance to blog. But now I am, like Dame Edna, Back with a Vengeance! I will write more soon.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

High Priestess Tori

You will all be happy to know that Tori Donna Martin Spelling has been ordained as a reverend and can now perform wedding ceremonies. I guess she needed the extra income...

This just about killed me

Look at the heart on this dog's back. Too cute!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Baby Bonus Bonanza

Reason #589 why I need to move to AUS. Because they were having problems with a declining population, they are now offering people a "baby bonus." So if you have a baby, you get a check for $4,000.
It is a little odd. Part of me feels like I would be using my womb as a cash machine, but I can give it a go and finally have my little Australian baby! If it is a girl, I am naming her "Kylie Danni."

Damonfleck is back in effect!

Matt Damon & Ben Affleck have teamed up again to write another screenplay.
Yay! it's about time. Good Will Hunting was such a great movie. Hopefully they can follow up with another one. I may have to go watch that movie now, I can't stop thinking about how cute my Matt was with his strong Boston accent. Yum.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Have you been missing sex.....

in the city?

Well the movie has been confirmed & will begin filming in the Fall. I know I am probably the only person not excited about this. I just wasn't happy with the ending, Carrie choosing a man (without a name) who always treated her badly and only wanted her when she was with someone else, always bothered me. Plus I felt like all of the story lines were wrapped up so I just am not into the movie idea. Oh well. However if it is a chance to see Jason Lewis on the big screen, then bring it on!

Baby on Board

Congrats to Christina for being pregnant! This is some maternity outfit though, what happened to the "Baby on Board" t-shirts?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Less VB for you and me.

The amount of alcohol in VB is going to be cut in a move that will possibly save the Foster's company $20 million a year in beer tax! But don't worry, it is only going to change from 4.9 % to 4.8% and is supposed to have the same taste.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I fell in love with a DJ

So I am loving this song that is all over US radio stations called I Fell in Love with a DJ. The singer sounded to me like she had a Caribbean accent. So I do some research & it turns out she is an Aussie from Perth. See? It is like that is how strong my connection with AUS is, even when I don't even know, I know......

Monday, July 02, 2007

Age of love Part 2

Ok for Aussie's who love bad reality tv, Age of Love, staring Mark Philipousis aired it's second show last week. It case it is not airing in AUS, here is what you are missing:
*While he was talking to one of the 20 year olds (remember he is dating a group of 20 year olds & a group of 40 year olds) he said something like "what are you life goals?" & the girl said "I don't know, I am still young and don't know what I want to do." He said "well what are you passionate about, what can you see yourself doing?" And she said "well.....I like to eat." (I am not kidding, she really said that.)
*One 20 year old was crying bc she didn't get a chance to talk to him on the first day they all met him. (Really, this brings you to tears??)
*One of the 20's is from Australia originally so if I have to barrack for 1 of the young ones I guess I will pick her.
*Out of nowhere Mark has a puppy in his apartment. OMG, it is like the producer just thought, let's throw a puppy in there to make him look good!

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want....

To see the Spice Girls in concert! (Sadly I am not kidding, I even registered to buy tickets) But I feel like who knows when I will have this opportunity to see these legends again!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Could there be a light at the end of the tunnel?

The publisher of US Weekly Magazine refused to put Paris on the cover last week after her release from jail. The Editor said that she thought the American public was suffering from Paris fatique & even joked that they won't even mention the city of Paris in this issue. Also MSNBC's reporter Mika Brzezinski refused to read the story of her release on air & shredded papers that the story was written on on live tv!
OMG, is everyone finally going to stop the insanity for good! (Yes I see the irony of writing about her right now since I am boycotting her, but I am merely informing people of the fact the journalists finally seem to be catching up with me!)

In case you missed Mika's segment on air:

Come out of the closet, into the light....

Reportedly, Vicky Spice Beckham, has designed a closet for her new house in LA. The closet costs over $500,000 & has a Baccarat Chandelier, an Andy Warhol painting, leather floors & a computer that tracks when she wears which items of clothing. (I mean God forbid she wear the same jeans twice!) It also is said to have a camera that will allow her to see a 360 degree catscan of the dress she will be wearing before she goes out in it.
Ok I think Poshy needs a cat scan of her brain. I know they are gajillionaires & they can spend their money however they want, but is a $500,000 closet (closet, not house) necessary? Can't she donate that to charity? I mean there are millions of people who are starving in this world (including Posh herself) who could use that money. Sigh.